I'm Still Standin'

My blogger friend, Meg, always put song titles to name her posts and I always thought that was such a clever idea.  And since I can't think of a title, here's a little Elton for you.  BTW, LOVED Rocketman.  It really surprised me how much I loved it.  So that song always has a special place in my heart also since I can definitely relate to Sir Elton's and Mr. Taupin's lyrics.So these past few weeks have been a blur but thankfully birthday season is behind me.  I did gain a bit.  4 lbs to be exact, but I'm okay with it.  Trust me when I say, it could have been far, far worse.  So the goal now for me is to concentrate on water and movement. I do feel like I'm in a good place food wise. I've been meal prepping lately and I've also been doing really good at staying within my limits and stopping just before I feel full.  That's always been a challenge.  I was raised to"clean your plate"and not waste food.  But, I'm slowly rebuilding that me…

Mid-Week Roundup

I'm totally on a 2 day streak with exercise!  I cannot even begin to tell you the last time that happened.  (Maybe 2016...?)  
Anyways, it has not been much; but it's better than nothing.
Yesterday I did a fitness blender youtube video 30 minute workout and today I got a mild inspiration and decided to google see if I can find any walking through Disney World videos and lo and behold, there are!  
On a side note, I am the most uncoordinated person in the world when it comes to fitness videos but hers were very easy to understand and follow even if I looked like a baby giraffe trying to learn to take her first steps.  Worked up a nice sweat also!

The Disney Video I found was on The DIS's youtube channel and it was a 4K walkthrough of Galaxies Edge in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World!  I thoroughly enjoyed marching in place and pretending I was there, all the while soaking up my A/C.  It's been blistering hot here - 95ยบ today so it will be a bit before I can pick up th…

Mid July update

Oof I didn't expect so much time to pass between posts.  It's been a ridiculously crazy week and a half!
I did hit my below 240 goal!  So I was pretty pumped about that but alas birthday season happened.  And there was tons of yummy seafood and cake happening.  And as of Wednesday's weigh in, I went back over to 241.  I'm not too concerned about it though.  At least it was nice to see a downward trend.  The goal here soon is to start bumping up the exercising and I'm working on getting a plan in place with some ideas that are floating around in my brain.

My birthday was Sunday the 12th and I decided to venture out into the world and go to a restaurant.  I ended up choosing Drago's and we went around 2:30 to avoid any big crowds. I was really pleased that everyone had masks on and the staff did a good job of distancing everyone.  (There was maybe 12 patrons in the entire restaurant total, including 7 of us in my immediate circle) after the delicious food, the fami…

Not much to report lately

I am still trucking along.   I can tell now that the way my body is, may be the way I lost before.  3 weeks of fluctuation and then BAM, a loss.   I'm not counting it officially until Wednesday, so we will see.  That's what the scale said when I peaked at it this morning.
I'm sort of laying low at the moment due to a staph infection.  So I'm pumping the antibiotics and ointment and not really doing much activity wise.  I did have tennis twice last week.  I am itching (*after re-reading, I'm guessing itching may not be the most wise choice of word here.  LOL) to start walking again soon but we've got rain in our forecast several days next week.  I may just end up marching in place.  I did come across this link, that may be fun to change things up and watch these Disney run/walks through the various parks.  
I have not been quite as faithful at logging my food though, but I am eating smaller portions and if muscle memory serves, everything that I am eating still sho…

New week

It was a fairly uneventful week for me.  For the most part my eating was on track. I only had fast food once (Friday) but I did slack up a bit on logging my food this weekend.   I mean, I pretty much know how I eat and in the 5 or 6 years of intermittent food logging, I know what my calorie intake consists of and what it doesn't.  I did go meet my parents this morning for beignets so my day is pretty much in the crapper already, haha.  But I'm planning on a good dinner and I'll probably have a turkey wrap for lunch.  All is not quite lost.
I think (and I hope) my plan this week will be to focus on getting more exercise in and more water.  It's time to start bumping those up.  Last weeks exercise was a bit lackluster.  I only managed to play tennis (albeit twice - one was a match and one was practice) but if anything playing tennis twice made me realize how horribly out of shape I am right now.  I knew it was bad, but I was slapped in the face with it.  On the Tuesday ni…

Weekly recap

So this wasn't the best week for me.  I ate fast food twice because I just couldn't deal with work stress. I did, at the very least, manage to log it all.  I also didn't quite get as much exercise in as I had hoped in my mind but I did get my 3 days in this week which was my original goal.   So there is that.  Here's the rest of the recap.

Exercise -
Monday - I managed to walk 60 minutes.  I didn't have to go into work until 1pm that day thanks to a tropical storm and I decided to take advantage of the extra time I had and start the week off on the right foot (no pun intended).   This was 60 minutes of me walking inside my house, however.  So pace was off because of the dog wanting to play each time I turned around.  It wasn't the best effort, but it was still something.
Tuesday - This is where the week started going a bit sideways at work.  We have been under tremendous pressure the last few months with getting laptops out for working from home purposes that othe…

Weekly recap and weekend shenanigans

Well the first week is out of the way! I've successfully removed all the crap from my house (and made sure I logged it along the way).  I have no more sodas on hand and I'm still mad at myself for starting that again. I had made it to 6 full years of not having one and then just a few months ago, on a whim, drank one and then it all went down hill from there.  So that stops now (again).  
This week I am proud that I did get some movement in.  And that I managed to log everything.  So that right there, to me, is a tremendous first step.  Hopefully the rest will sort of snowball into place.  My plan for next week is keep doing the same.
I spent a lot of this weekend doing tropical storm prep around the house and also spent a lot of nervous energy cleaning.  My house is spotless!  I'm pretty proud of that.  For the last 3 weeks, I have been back to work full time again and things got sort of off kilter having to relearn my routine.  But, I'm actually about to make the transi…